Newsletter #2021-2

Newsletter #2021-2

Hi there!

Last weekend the sun was really shining as our team went to Auenland. It has been a great weekend with our friends, and so good to be out there again! We have been on bike and foot to get out more than 70 checkpoints in the right places. You can expect an interesting race again this year. For your interest; the picture is this year’s most northern CP! 😉

As circumstances are turning for the good it is 95% certain that the race will take place. COVID-wise there are no direct implications anymore as Germany allows people from most European countries to travel to and from Germany. Yes, everyone still has to register themselves before entering the country, and you have to bring a negative test-result. See for updated travel restrictions the website of your Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Because of the environmental and COVID-restrictions we are facing we have been in close contact with the relevant stakeholders to get the needed permissions. Everyone has been positive so far, that’s why we strongly believe that the race will start 2 July 19.00 hours. On the other hand it is fair to say that we are still waiting for the final/official approval by the German authorities.

So, in short, we are ready for you to race! Next week you will receive another update with information on your race-preparations, online-briefing, COVID-measurements, additional food & stay, etc…

For now: Stay frosty! *

Team Auenland Adventure Race

* Military slang: To be alert and ready for action, without letting one’s fear or other emotions get in the way.