The most challenging race of the year!
14 - 16 June 2019

We are proud to announce this year’s Auenland Adventure Race. From 14-16 June, Campingplatz Auenland will host the 17th edition of this legendary race. Against a breathtaking scenery you will compete amongst the finest adventure racers from The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and other nationalities.

Auenland Adventure Race is partner of the Dutch Adventure Race Series (DARS) and the German Adventure Race Series (GARS).

You can choose between 24-14-7 hrs of racing. This year the long-distance 24-hrs race will be the Dutch National Championship.

We will design a race with a short night, long mtb-rides, steep hikes, substantial paddling and special tasks.

At the finish we will provide you with cheers, beers and some good food!

Hope to see you all in June!

Team Auenland Adventure Race


What about this year?

  • 14-16 June 2019
  • 3 races:  Long, Middle & Short distance
  • Northwest Middle Hesse, Lahntal Area
  • Teams of 2
  • Rankings: Male & Mixed (including female teams)
  • Early pre-start for the Long race at Friday afternoon 17:00h ► Check-in at 13:00h!

Which one will you pick?


250/ per team
  • 24 hours
  • 40 teams
  • Prologue, 7 stages
  • 240 km
  • Special tasks
  • 2 sets of maps
  • SportIdent electronic timing
  • DARS points (max. 161 points)
  • Dutch National Championship 2019
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170/ per team
  • 14 hours
  • 30 teams
  • Prologue, 5 stages
  • 150 km
  • Special tasks
  • 2 sets of maps
  • SportIdent electronic timing
  • DARS points (max. 101 points)

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120/ per team
  • 7 hours
  • 10 teams
  • Prologue, 3 stages
  • 70 km
  • Special task
  • 1 set of maps
  • SportIdent electronic timing
  • DARS points (max. 81 points)

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What People Say

“Thank you for the excellent organization! The Auenland AR was super good fun. Again please!”

Britta Linnenbrink

Britta Linnenbrink

“Just another excellent race. I hope you will organise one again next year!”

Ralf Bruns

Ralf Bruns

“I think you and the race you are hosting are great. Unfortunately, the number of adventure races in Germany has declined in recent years. It is all the more important that the Auenland race is maintained! Many thanks for your effort and organizing the great race!!!”



“The contour lines are an important landmark, but especially in your green forest areas they are difficult to read. Even more extreme at night. But that’s part of the adventure game…”

Jens Leibiger

Jens Leibiger

“I would like to have a campfire after the finish where each team shares an anecdote! Keep up the good work.”

Marinus Zwijnenburg

Marinus Zwijnenburg