The registration is now open! Registration is only possible via this website.

From 1 February until 1 March we reserve 30 places for teams participating in the Dutch National Championship. In this period 10 places are available for teams not competing in the Dutch National Championship. Participating in the Dutch National Championship requires that both competitors have the Dutch nationality. This will be checked at the check-in on Friday June 14. After 1 March the registration for the remaining places will be open to all teams.

Registration for the middle and short race is open from 1 February 2019 without any nationality restrictions.

Need to cancel your participation?

Have you unfortunately been forced to cancel your participation? We are, of course, very sorry about that. Cancellations will only be processed if received via the contact form. Please keep in mind that a refund of your registration fee will based on the following timing:

  • Refund of 75% if you cancel before 1 May.
  • Refund of 50% if you cancel before 17 May.
  • Refund of 0% if you cancel on 17 May or after.

It is allowed to transfer your registration to another team without any additional cost. Please use the contact form to inform us with your team name and with the information on the new team (all information as per below).

The whole shebang!

Use this option if you want to register for everything or if you just want to reserve your spot for the race only. Arrangements regarding your stay & food are optional.

  • The race
  • Your stay
  • Nice food

Food & sleep will do

Use this one if you’ve already registered for the race and you want to arrange (extra) food & stay for yourself, your family & your friends.

  • Your stay
  • Nice food

Short race sold out!

The Short race has been sold out! Don’t worry! There are 2 things you can do:

Put yourself in front of the mirror, look at yourself and say out loud “I’m up for something more! I can also do the 14 hours race!”. Go to the registration form and register for the Middle race!

Register for the Middle race

Or register yourself for the waiting list in case other teams drop out or we increase the number of teams for the race. In this case, send us a request via the contact form on this website and mention you would like to be put on the waiting list. Please supply us with:

  • Your team name
  • Team member 1 full name
  • Team member 1 email address
  • Team member 2 full name
  • Team member 2 email address
Go to contact form