Newsletter #2021-3

Newsletter #2021-3

Hi competitors!

A bit more than a week to go and time to make your final arrangements for the race. Please read this newsletter carefully to be sure you come prepared.

We promise you an exciting and challenging race! Are you ready to take home ‘Gimli’ this year? Or win the Dutch National Championship Adventure Racing?

In this last newsletter before the race we give you the latest news, a number of tips and tricks and practical information.

First tip: print or save this email and take it with you, so you always have the most important information at hand.

Where are you going for the weekend?

The Auenland Adventure Race base is located at:

Campingplatz Auenland, Zum Dammhammer 2, 35094 Lahntal, Germany
0049 (0) 64207172

Rule #1 in adventure racing: If you want to finish, first get to the starting line…. Tip: If you’re having difficulties finding our campsite… Please consider reading the ‘orienteering manual’ before the start of the race? 😉


This year the briefing will be ONLINE. So make sure to sit comfortably behind the device of your choice to join the ZOOM session. There will be 2 briefing sessions and they will be the same. Make sure to join at least 1 of the 2 sessions. You really need this information, we will check your presence.

Check your email for the links to the Zoom sessions.

Race timetable

For the first part of the event you can find the time schedule below so you can plan your arrival accordingly and not miss out on the important stuff. You can find the full timetable at our website.

Long race: Friday 2 July
16:30 – 18:00 Check-in, materials check & MTB hand in

Middle race: Friday 2 July
19:30 – 21:00 Check-in, materials check & MTB hand in

Corona travel measurements

Please read the information on the websites below for the latest updates regarding travelling to Germany:

Travelling to Germany requires you to register yourself on the following website first:

It states that you need to go in quarantine for 10 days but you can end this quarantine early by presenting a test result or proof of vaccination or recovery. So please complete all steps and get yourself tested. At the German border there are test centers where travellers can get a Covid test for free.Examples are:

Camping reservations

Our host for the race is Campingplatz Auenland. Please make sure that you’ve booked the right amount of nights for the right amount of people. For example; if you arrive on Friday and leave on Sunday and you’re with 2 people, you book 2 nights for 2 people (2 times ‘2 persons with tent / mobile home per night’).

Please check your registration confirmation email to see what you have booked up to now. Go to the website to book any additional nights in the separate registration form. You can do this up to Tuesday 29 June end of day.

Book additional nights

What will we be cooking for you?

After an adventurous (and exhausting) day charging up your internal battery is extremely important. We will make sure that there is enough food, fast! So prepare for a pleasant night with food, chats, cheers & beers!

What?! You have not yet booked your after race meal yet? And after reading this you do not want to miss out on all of this? Go to the website to book the food in the separate registration form. You can do this up to this Tuesday 29 June end of day.

Book food


This year we will be using the app iOrienteering for scanning the checkpoints during the race. We’re enthusiastic about it and also a bit twitchy. In order to be fully prepared, please read the instructions below, install the app and register for an iOrienteering account with your team name as user name BEFORE the RACE! Preferably even before the briefing so we can answer your questions.

Instructions on iOrienteering

What else do you need to know?

Rules & mandatory gear

The organization urges you to carefully read the rules and the list of mandatory gear prior to your departure. Your gear will be checked during the ‘materials check’, and can also be checked at any moment during the race. Not complying with the rules will result in a penalty (or disqualification).

  • Keep in mind that you always have to take all your equipment with you. At a transition area you can only leave your bike with drinking bottles, small food bag (gels & bars) and your repair kit. Helmet, cycling shoes and other gear needs to go in your backpack, on your head, under your arm… as long as you take it with you :-).
  • The organization will NOT provide drinking water in the transition area’s. Prepare to take care of yourself. So make sure you can take  at least 1,5 liter of water with you at all stages (preferably 2 liter).
  • Please do not surprise us with a bicycle that does not meet our standards.


  • Power bank for your smartphone. We will be working with the app iOrienteering and if you do not trust your phone to live for more than 24 hours, take a power bank with you.
  • A waterproof phone bag / case and a drybag to cover your backpack in full (or all your stuff in your backpack). You never know if you will flip your canoe or you need to cross a river (wink wink).
  • A bike computer on one of the bikes for distance & speed… NO MAPS OR GPS!
  • The Auenland Adventure Race uses various orientation forms. We’ve come up with a quick guide to get you up and running. Check out the orienteering guide.


As in all races we would like you to confirm you’re physically fit to do the race, agree that we can make beautiful pictures of you and all that stuff. So please read the disclaimer, print it out and sign it before you get to the event. Participating in the race is only possible if you agree to what we’ve mentioned in the disclaimer.

Print the disclaimer

See you next weekend at the Auenland Adventure Race!!!

Team Auenland Adventure Race