Newsletter #2021-1

Newsletter #2021-1

Hi there!

It has been a while since we last sent out a newsletter to you. Last year we had a postponement as a result of COVID-19 and a very unfortunate cancellation due to a struggling dry forest. Although both situations still exist we have reason to believe there is a chance that organizing our adventure race is feasible, but 3 weeks later in July. We like to explain why.

First COVID-19. In Europe vaccination programs have results, expecting to give more room for downsizing on the restrictions. We believe in July you will be able to travel to and in Germany, as well as to attend our race.

Second THE FOREST. We have had extended talks with Hessen Forst who have doubts on the recovery of the forests and therefore intended to decline our requests to race through the forests. We have come up with a race design that will bring this race out of the forest and in the open fields and villages. So fewer ‘top of the hill’ checkpoints this year, but don’t think we will make it easier on you! 😉

For us this is enough to start preparations. We would really like to bring adventure racing back to life, and in fact organizing this event brings a lot of joy to us as well. Yes, COVID-19 may prove us otherwise, but we will deal with the consequences if necessary.

The COMPETITORS. As you know the race was fully booked last year. We even had a waiting-list of teams trying to get a spot for the race. After the postponement in 2020 we’ve asked the teams whether or not they would like to stay on the entry-list and/or waiting-list for 2021. We can inform you there were little changes up till now. But the situation has slightly changed over the last couple of weeks. We believe we have a better chance to have a race in July, making the new date 2-4 July 2021.

For teams this could mean that participating conflicts with other plans. We ask the team-captains to reply to this email whether or not they want their team to participate in the new race weekend 2-4 July 2021. If your team IS on our entry- or waiting-list but you wish to withdraw, please do it now but not later than Friday 16 April, 13.00 hrs. We can make another team happy! After this date we consider your team is going to take part in the race.

DUTCH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. You might have heard that the Auenland Adventure Race is willing to host the Dutch National Championship 2021 (NK-Adventure Race). But that comes with a problem. As we mentioned before the race is fully booked at the moment. We’re keen to have the best Dutch adventure racers in the Championship. There might be a couple of Dutch teams that are not yet on the entry-list but would really like to race for the title. For us that means we would have to open up more spots for the 24-hour race. The DARS organization will make an inventory on the amount of Dutch teams that would like to race in the Championship but currently are not on our entry- or waiting-list. We would like to refer to the inquiry of the DARS. Please write an email to: [email protected] , stating your team name, name competitor 1, name competitor 2.

So to conclude:

  • We’re planning the Auenland Adventure Race on 2-4 July 2021!
  • If you’re already registered or on the waiting-list and still want to compete, no worries.
  • If you’re already registered or on the waiting-list but want to withdraw, please reply to this email not later than Friday 16 April, 13.00 hrs.
  • Do you want to compete in the Dutch National Championship 2021 and not yet on the entry- or waiting-list? Send an email to the DARS ([email protected]).

Cheers & stay fit!

Team Auenland Adventure Race